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Unity Programmer (CLOSED)

CLOSED (expired 6/16/20)

Couples need more to do while stuck at home.  Our couch co-op adventure is a unique addition to date night, and we need your help to finish it!  

You will create the skill retention system for our game’s Roguelike.  Your simple tile-based mini-game will unlock access to abilities (made by the rest of our team) that makes each subsequent playthrough more manageable.  True permadeath is too unforgiving for our casual audience.  Your simple, slowly growing, tile-based city will help soften the stress of failure and mark milestones as players adventure.


  • Develop architecture for a simple tile-based city system.  Your final product will include C# MonoBehaviour components, other C# classes as needed, prefabs and a demo scene. 

  • Ignore art and sound.  You will not be responsible for art and sound, but you will need to design the system such that art and sound assets can be easily added.

  • Design a system that is extendable and can interface with the rest of the project.  You will work with our team to incorporate your product into the broader game and influence play.

  • Deliver and document a complete product by the end of your internship.

  • Pollinate our game’s design with your thinking.  We want your input.  Your diverse ideas will bring our game closer to the sort of fun adventure our audience is looking for.



  • Intermediate understanding of Unity.  You know your way around the editor.  You are comfortable scripting in C# and have a basic understanding of performance.  You may not completely understand how to develop large-scale, efficient, deployment ready titles, but you do feel comfortable rapidly prototyping, delivering maintainable tools, and using tools made by other developers. 

  • Basic understanding of software design.  Your city-building-system will need to interact with the rest of the game and will need to be understood by the rest of the team.  You can define an interface that is extendable and easy to understand.

  • Vaguely familiar with version control.  You can figure out how to clone a project, create and push commits to a branch, and submit pull requests.

  • Autodidactic.

  • 10-hour per week time commitment for 6 weeks.  You will have one weekly team call and one weekly one-on-one with the Creative Director.  You will otherwise make your own hours and can work safely from home.

  • You have design ideas.  You can’t help but be creative, but you are also responsible enough to understand what you can accomplish in 6 weeks.  We need a skill retention system, but if you also deliver a compelling mini-game or a fun toy, even better.

This project is not connected to our Games by Moonlight game jams.

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