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An episodic emotional game about finding a home for your heart.

A top-down adventure complete with music, art and animations.  Employing Continuous Integration and Agile techniques, a group of over 12 people built a feature-complete game in only four weeks!  With some of our members half a country away.

Want to play?  Download and enjoy.  If you're feeling adventurous, take a look at some of the issues left outstanding in our GitHub repository and submit a Pull Request.


Creative Director

Mai Koythong


Scott Porter

Sound and Music

Lance Bailey

DevOps Architect

Luis Davila

Game Programming

Scott Porter

Lance Bailey

Craig Bowes

Zane Everett


Luis Davila



Mai Koythong

Dakota McCoy

Mike Stewart

Level Design

Cheyenne McCoy

Additional art assets from

LPC Sprite Sheet Character Gen

LPC Thatched Roof

LPC Windows & Doors

2D Simple Farming

Animated GIF Maker & daveriskit

Spriteway assets

Animated Lives by Vander96

Special Thanks

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