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Multiplayer Mini Chess

It's Chess!  On a smaller board, with special abilities, and this time multiplayer.  Choose from classic pieces and new ones such as Bombers, Priests and Imps.

March's version of Chess was an exercise in networking.  You can play with friends across a local network or the internet.  You may have to contact us in case we're using our limited server space for a different game (but we're happy to switch Chess back on for you).

If single-player was hard to finish in time, multiplayer was grueling - though most game breaking bugs should be gone.

Connecting locally is done with the LAN buttons.  Internet matches:

(Player 1) "Enable Match Maker (M)" --> Name a room then "Create Internet Match." 

(Player 2) "Enable Match Maker (M)" --> "Find Internet Match" --> "Join Match: <your room name>"

GitHub Repository

Windows Download

Mac Download


Creative Director

Mike Stewart


Scott Porter


Scott Porter

Mike Stewart


Zane Everett


Mike Stewart

Special Thanks

Luis Davila


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