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Whiskey Business Postmortem

Whiskey Business, led by Lance Bailey, was developed start to finish in 4 weeks. Lance started our group on this journey with only the inspiration of a single phrase, the phonetic “wiz key business.”

This postmortem covers Whiskey Business for the month of May. Reflecting on our four-week journey, 8 of us had the following notes:

Need to Keep

  • Everyone involved in Design

  • Having someone else make decisions about the application can be nice too, but everyone having a vote made the entire dev process more interesting.

  • Brainstorming design process with voting worked well, especially for those at home

  • The increased diversity and hands on the project helped us come up with something unique

  • Git. It’s hard but the most elegant, stable and fastest collaborative tool. It’s also used, in the same way we use it, by other successful indie devs.

  • Very hard problems to solve – Difficulty regulator for example – can be very compelling reasons to be involved in the group

  • Unity Hub is a helpful tool for different versions of unity

  • Art assets sent to a git expert is a viable way to work on this team, especially for those unwilling or unable to learn a new technology tool like git.

  • The group remains a great networking opportunity

Need to Improve

  • Put more information in Pull Requests.

  • Solution: Having seen a good example of this, having more people put more information would be helpful for admins. It helps organizers understand what may be incomplete and should be elevated to a new issue or bug.

  • Merge conflict with game objects and Scenes. It is especially painful to merge scenes in Unity.

  • Solution: Always work in different scenes?

  • Possible: Use scene “cloud spaces” so we’re all using the same scene (or whatever) to develop. Next Cloud or Dropbox could work.

  • Git push problems from certain computers or users.

  • Solution: Console expertise. Make FAQ for console commands

  • Avoca (our local coffee shop) is hard to work at. As our group grows, we need more space and electrical outlets.

  • Solution: as primary and The Usual (local bar) as backup when is unavailable.

  • Postmortem process can be grueling (although necessary)

  • Solution: Future postmortems should be had over drinks at The Usual.

Challenges and Goals for the future

  • Analytics

  • Multiplayer again

  • An Unreal team

  • Tutorial workshops for engine technologies we’re working with

  • VR/AR prototype

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